Anoxia is a 2D and mixed media undergraduate thesis film, following the strained relationship of an isolated mother and daughter. Exploring  themes of control, dependency and loss through pathetic fallacy and environmental storytelling, Anoxia is my most challenging and rewarding undertaking so far. The opportunity to lead a large team of talented artists has been invaluable. 

Anoxia is still in production. 

Roles: director, art director, character designer, concept artist, layout and background artist, 2D animator.

Concept Art

Mother Turnaround.
Daughter Turnaround.
Concept art for diving mask construction.
Alt Daughter Turnaround.
Alt Mother Turnaround.
Concept art of the daughter.
Concept art of the mother.
Initial character concept art.
Initial concept art.
Early style exploration.
Early concept art.
Concept art.
Concept art.
Concept art - climatic scene.
Concept art - climatic scene.
Concept art.
Concept art - Kettuvallam.
Early Poster Design.
Revisited Poster Design.

Artwork and Concept Art